Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3D Easter Bunny Nail Art + Preschool Easter Eggs

OK. I know these aren't all or even mostly pink, but they have pink in them. Most days I wear no pink, so these should definitely count for pink Wednesday. I'm celebrating Spring and doing Easter activities all week. This will be a short post to show you my latest creations.
3D nail art, black, blue, BorderFX, brushes, Bundle Monster, creme, dotting, fimo, fimo cane, fimo stick, French White, gray, green, grey, It's Dry topcoat, Karma Hues, Karma Organics, lacquer, mani, manicure, milky basecoat, Nail Art, nail polish, nearly natural nails, No Miss, No-miss, pink, purple, rhinestones, Rowboats In The Park, Skimpy Bikini, Smoke 'n' Mirrors, SPARITUAL, Street Smart, teal, twisted vine, white, yellow
What I used to create this mani:
Karma Hues "Rowboats in the Park" (teal/sky blue)
Karma Hues "Skimpy Bikini" (pink)
Karma Hues "French White"
SPARITUAL "Twisted Vine" (dark green)
SPARITUAL "Street Smart" (black)
SPARITUAL "Smoke n Mirrors" (grey)
Fimo cane Easter eggs and butterfly
Bundle Monster dotting tool and nail art brushes
black rhinestones

DIY Learning Game Easter Eggs

alphabet, autism, DIY, Easter eggs, emotions, facial expressions, Kindergarten, marker, matching game, numbers, Photo Stream, plastic eggs, preschool, rainbow colors, sharpie
I just ordered these plastic Easter eggs in bulk on Amazon. There are blue ones too. These are just a sample off all the matching game eggs I decorated with a Sharpie marker. I did numbers up to 10, the entire alphabet, and 6 emotions. These are great for preschool or kindergarten activities. I have a 7 year old with Autism and a 4 year old. They have already played with them so much in one day that the permanent marker is starting to rub off. I got inspiration for these from Stephanie over at Playing House.